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I am Daria V. Willis, your Ashes to Gladness Coach and the CEO Of Hope Rising Consulting, (HRC). HRC was born out of her desire to assist anyone that feels lost and in need of a new start to begin again!

My goal is to provide the tools you need to allow your Hope to Rise, Sprout Wings and Soar into the Heavens! (Think of me as your tour guide to your next level of greatness!)

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Daria is a wonderful charismatic speaker with the ability to see past the person you present to the real you that you’re attempting to hide.

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Daria is a wonderful addition to your workshops and seminars, her ability to connect is amazing.


Daria comes from a very large family of eleven children, as she puts it “ If nothing else I understand women, I’m one of ten daughters! I get women!”

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Daria has over 25 years of experience coaching and mentoring, she has been sought after to mentor because she is effective.

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Ashes to Gladness Coach Daria Willis works with kind, confident, spiritual women.  Women who have awaken to the voice of their inner souls.  Women who have taken flight and are now soaring.  Women that are the living embodiment of the reason they were created.  Women, that are lighting up the World!

After 30 some odd years, Daria Willis retired from her job in federal service and started Hope Rising Consulting.  During her career, she witnessed the daily breakdown and pushing down of women in the workforce.  Seeing that women have so much more to offer and no one listening, her journey began.  She saw all their wonderful dreams dwindling from a great spark to barely a tiny ember.
Not wanting to witness this any longer, Hope Rising Consulting was created.  “I want you to feel good again. Good and Vibrant again, and if you have never felt good, this is the day you start! “ Think of me as your Tour Guide, moving you from a place of settled indifference to a place of euphoric Gladness!

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What Others Say About Daria

Daria’s sense of humor allows her to make everyone feel comfortable, welcome, and accepted. Although she has a great sense of humor, she is no non-sense when it comes to you and your future. As one of her clients quotes from one of their sessions “Get ready to renew your sense of purpose and do some serious homework! Busy ain’t got time for fear.” – Coach Dee