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Do it Scared, With or Without a Plan

By Daria Willis 3 years agoNo Comments
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Procrastination can kill your Retirement Plans!  

Procrastination will kill all of your expertly planned retirement goals! Where does it come from?  You used to be the champion of getting things done on time or early.  What happened? You know you want to accomplish something, you’ve thought about it long and hard.  You wake up fresh with a great plan in your head, you know what to do. You know every angle of it, all you have to do is get started.

Okay, so you figured out that you need a plan. You know you need to write some stuff down so you won’t forget any of the steps.  You go to your computer all ready to go to work then BAM! everything goes a little left.  First, you need some coffee, then a pen and pencil, oh and paper.  Is this the color ink pen you want, is this the right paper? Oh yeah, it’s Saturday and you need to get the laundry done.  Oh and groceries, maybe since you’re at the computer, you should make out a list before you forget. You know how you are, you get to the grocery store and buy everything but what you need.

Maybe you should call your Mother, you missed her call last night.  Oh, don’t forget you said you were going to give your kitchen a good cleaning this weekend, don’t you need to put that stuff on the grocery list.  Now the phone is ringing and it’s your long lost girlfriend, you haven’t spoken to her in years.  You take your coffee and move to the sofa, on goes the TV while you and she talk for hours about your old boyfriend.  Wow, it was so good to hear from her. Oh look at the time, you gotta get to the grocery store. Maybe while you’re out you can see that movie that everyone is talking about.  It’s early so it won’t be crowded and no one will sit next to you and you can relax and get some popcorn without long lines.  Yep, you think that’s what I’ll do. So you get dressed, oh and don’t forget the stuff for the dry cleaners. And out the door you go!

“What happened? What keeps happening?”

You had everything you needed to accomplish your task.   Well, sometimes procrastination is another word for fear! Fear of failure and believe it or not, fear of success. After all, this is unknown territory, and truth be told you are scared out of your mind. What if you do this thing and no one likes it? What if you try and it’s a massive FAIL? What if you put all your money into it and lose everything? What will people think? What will you think? What will you do?

Well, think about this.  What if you’re successful? What if you make a kazillion dollars and are known all over the world? What if everyone likes your product and you can’t make it fast enough to keep up with the demand? What will you do then? What if you are able to live the life of your dreams because you did it?

Fear of the unknown and all the uncertainty it brings with it is normal. Almost everything you do was new once, but you did it and you’re okay. On top of that, you were so happy you did.  So give yourself a break, go ahead try.  There’s really no such thing as failure as long as you learn from it.  So take what you learn and apply it to the next time.  What if you failed your driver’s test, would you not take it again. No, you would study, remember what you did wrong, and correct that mistake. You don’t give up and never drive again do you? No, you retake the test and move forward. Listen, fear grips all of us at one time or another, but just as a friend once told me, “Don’t let fear stop you! Do it Scared”.

So go ahead do it scared, who knows maybe you’ll be a Massive Success!


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